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To whom it may concern-

I have had the worst moving experience EVER plus was treated even worse!

To get started I went to the Service Magic website so I could get four or five companies that I could talk to about the move and getting quotes. As I started calling the moving companies I noticed that each company bad mouthed the other one. This should have been my clue to move the belongings myself. After sending out for the moving quotes; I received a phone call from World Moving Service. I spoke with Joele; he gave me my not to exceed quote which was $1856.93 for 3763 lbs. I put down a deposit of 821.70. So my remaining balance should have been $1035.23… correct. Well after calling again with a few more questions Joele assured me that he would be there through the process to answer questions and make this an easy process. Before I signed my contract I made it 100% clear that my belongings could not be delivered before April 4, 2011, because I was not getting keys to my apartment till that morning. Also I was explicity told that the movers would set up my furniture (beds, tables, desks, etc). at no additional cost. It's all part of the service.

March 30, 2011 the movers came to get my stuff from my house and our storage unit. This was part of the deal because the two locations were within 20 miles from one another. The first thing they asked me to do was sign blank forms. I was told the forms were to be used for the inventory of my belongings. After signing them they started moving the boxes to the truck. So as they moved my belongings from my house, I left and went to the storage unit to get the site prepared for the truck and the movers. This included having the storage company to open a side gate for the movers to be able to park right next to the building. My storage bin was located on the second floor halfway down the aisle. At the end of the aisle was the elevator which the movers could use. I had been instructed that the distance had to be within 75 feet of the truck and could not be more than three flights of stairs. By having the storage company open the side gate so the truck could park right outside the entry door this distance would not be an issue. I moved myself from Cincinnati and placed my belongings into the storage bin. To protect my furniture and bedding on the move and to keep dust off them while being stored I wrapped my furniture in sheets and blankets. Good thing I had these items wrapped because the movers used them instead of using the pads I was told them would use.. After everything was on the truck I had asked for the paperwork I had signed and got the brush off as they continued securing my belongings. As they were getting into the truck and about to leave I asked for it again. After the two exchanged a few words in Polish he informed me most people don't ask or need their paperwork. I asked again for the paperwork, was basically tossed the three pieces of paper and they were off.

When I got home I looked at the paperwork and was shocked. The movers had changed the contract and were now stating I had 6000 pounds of goods, they had to wrap some of my belongings, and they had to move my belongings over the 75 feet limitation. With these NEW additions the "not to exceed" price had increased by over a thousand plus dollars. I immediately called Joele to inform him the new changes and the new price. Joele said he would take care of it and I should get a call from customer service in the morning. Well next morning came and no call. I called Joele and he informed me that he was going to take care of it yet again. Couple hours later Leonah called; she explained to me they had to walk 168 feet, now to put into perspective that is a little more than half the length of a football field, also they charged me to put my plastic table top into a box and apparently for shrink to wrap my couch. It ends up they broke the table by the time it got to my apartment, they couldn't have wrapped a couch because I didn't have one in the storage bin and my father measured the distance and it was less than 60 feet. When I informed of these facts, she said she'd call them and ask them to verify what they actually did. She called back and stated it wasn't a couch – it was a chair they had to wrap. Well I didn't have a chair either. So I asked her what will be the next item they wrapped. The time she called she stated they had to wrap my pictures which I informed her that I had packed all of the art work myself prior to them coming to pick up my belongings. She informed me I was lying. This coming from the person who came back with three different items they so called had wrapped. After some unpleasant words were exchanged she said she'd figure it out. I didn't hear anything for the rest of the day. I called Joele back and explained that he had promised he would take care of things and stay on top of these issues. Based on what had transpired he too was involved in the lie.

Meanwhile on Friday evening, a very unpleasant lady from Relo moving company called to inform me that they were going to deliver my belongings on Saturday morning. I asked her if she had reviewed the contract where it states that the first delivery date would be April 4th. She had not seen the signed copy of the contract so I faxed it to her immediately. On the next call she said they were going to put my belongings in storage and I said hope World Moving Center enjoys paying for it, and hung up the phone. My father and I after not hearing anything from World Moving Service decided to call the moving company directly. My father called and talked to ***, the manager of Relo moving company. *** was the first pleasant person we had to deal with since the beginning of these problems. He informed us that the weight of my belongings were actually under the original weight quoted but wouldn't fax the weigh tickets. Also he informed us that he'd take care of the extra charges except for $100 for wrapping materials and would give us a 5% discount for in paying cash when my belongings arrived in Charlotte, NC. We thought we were done with the problems. NOT

Sunday I left and drove down to North Carolina in hopes they'd deliver my belongings on Monday morning. To assist me with unpacking my father took off work and flew down from Chicago only to find out more problems were ahead of us. I called the moving company to ask them when they were to deliver my belongings. At that point they had not scheduled a drop off time. The nuance in the equation was that I would be charged for five days of storage to the tune of over $500 plus dollars. For the next several days some very heated discussions took place trying to resolve the additional storage charges and scheduling the delivery. It seemed as though the agreement with *** had not been communicated to anyone else much less World Moving services. My father demanded to be told where my belongings were being held so we could rent a truck and move my belongings ourselves since no progress was being made and my father had to extend his stay. Each time my father had to extend his stay the cost of the airfare was increasing and the rental car too. By the way we were sleeping on the floor each night with NOTHING in the apartment – nothing to eat on or with, no TV, no furniture – NOTHING. The real kicker was during one of the phone calls on Tuesday I was informed that there had been a driver in my area that could have delivered my belongings and couldn't tell me why they didn't.

An agreement was reached on Wednesday night stating World Moving services would pay the additional storage charges and I would pay the original amount plus $123 for wrapping. However I would have to pay the moving company the total amount due (the original amount, the additional wrapping charge and the storage charge) and they would issue a credit to my deposit. I asked for that in writing – send me an email stating our agreement – this has never come yet. During this call I was told could pay with a money order, cash or a credit card. The 5% discount was taken off the table altogether. When the moving company called on Thursday afternoon to schedule the delivery I was informed that the credit card machine was broken and I would have to come up with $1,600 plus in cash otherwise they wouldn't delivery anything. The ne problem I had was trying to raise that kind of cash using an out of state check. I eventually had to call one of my credit card company and I worked out a deal with them. The delivery was scheduled for Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.

Early on Saturday morning they called and indicated the delivery would happen in 30 minutes. The first agenda item was to hand over the money for them to count it. They were in and out of my apartment in less than 30 minutes. They didn't wait for me to tell them which room I wanted the box place, they didn't set up the beds or the tables or anything. They quietly drove off without setting up anything like I had been promised. While opening up my boxes a few things were broken – the table top, a figurine and some crystal balls – many things were scratched – my four chairs, my night stands and TV table. The big thing that was broken was the table top for my outdoor furniture set, the one thing they actually packed. Also while opening up my boxes noticed I was missing a box, and had someone else's box. I called the movers on their cell phone to let them know. They did not answer, but I left them a message. I then called the moving company and informed them of the situation. Twenty minutes later the driver called me back and asked what was in the box I was missing and that they were an hour and half away from my apartment, and he was irrated that it took me so long to call them. This really upset me – I called the first chance I had to notify them of their mistake and I get yelled at. Magically they were there in less twenty minutes. Time flies when you're having fun. As I carried someone else's box out to them, the man berated me for not counting my boxes. I'm sorry but isn't that their job? He began to talk down to me and let me know there are no more of my boxes on the truck.

So the saga still is going on. I now have to report the lost, broken and scratched items to the moving company, my father put a "dispute" on the original deposit since he hasn't received the email or the credit for the storage charges, my father has to bear the additional airfare charges (over $300) and rental car fees (over $100), the pains of sleeping on the floor, the additional expense of not being able to eat in my apartment and treatments for high blood pressure.

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Yes world moving services sucks big. Read some reviews online, you got off easy.

I am in the process of looking to have their MC number pulled.

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